Thursday, April 1, 2010

tEraPi keMuruNgaN........

actually diz is one of the fav thing i like to do... not shoping okei....
juz window shoping, looking around, cuci cucu mate....and all dat give me chance to live again~ wah!!

no lah, juz to release tension u know... hang out wif anis~my fren. go to cinema, ate very gud food...yummy....tantalizing!!! wow!!
cinema~cinema~cinema:alice in wonderland...

gud story i could say bcoz the effect and also the animation in diz story vry impressive n givin' inspiration.
imagination ha... imagine i could fine my prince, then suddenly i find the prince of frog dat shud givin' a kiss to be a man.. huh!!! forget it.. dun want to talk about it.... keep waiting ah~

another thing, i wan to buy diz booooooooooooootttt.. i wan it..... wa... but dun wasting money.. i wil buy one in future, nop!! i will buy hundred to b a collectn.. hahha.. giler!!

anyway, hang out wif "gud" fren is a theraphy for those who are upset u know.. dun do sumthing dat is not worth it... remember one thing...!!


tq Allah....

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